Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to Raise a Silkworm in Order to Obtain Silk Thread

The coveted secret of silkworm cultivation began 5000 years ago in China. Sericulture (the production of raw silk by raising silkworms) spread to Korea and later to Japan and southern Asia. During the eleventh century European traders stole several eggs and seeds of the mulberry tree and began rearing silkworms in Europe. Sericulture was introduced into the Southern United States in colonial times, but the climate was not compatible with cultivation.

Raising silkworm to obtain silk thread is a tricky thing to do, but if you follow my steps to do it, I guarantee you, you get the job done.  

Follow this procedure to better result:

Step 1
- Place caterpillar in a cardboard box with lots of the mulberry leaves that it likes to eat.

Step 2
- The caterpillar will devour the leaves for about six weeks, making a lot of noise as it eats, and growing fast

Step 3
- Then the caterpillar stops eating and begins to spin its cocoon. It closes itself inside the cocoon, where it waits to change into a moth

Step 4
- After the moth emerges, ask your mother or father to heat the empty cocoon in the oven for a while. Then gently unravel the silk thread that is made of. The thread can be up to a kilometre in length.

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